Liberated Being is an online body-centered mindfulness studio.

We need practices that deepen our presence, our felt sense, and our way of Being in the world in order to resolve some of the divides that we have between mind, body, spirit, and taking action.


You can think of Liberated Being as a gym membership for the places where body and psyche meet.


Practices that cultivate your capacity to meet life

Why do people choose to do body-centered mindfulness practices? 


People work with the kinds of practices our teachers offer for a number of tangible benefits: 


  • to regulate their nervous systems

  • as an adjunct support for trauma therapy

  • to heal chronic pain or just feel more comfortable in their body

  • to feel at ease in themselves and the world


  • to show up when it matters most

  • to shed outdated nourishment barriers

  • to recalibrate their inner compass

  • ultimately, to become more of who they actually are.


Our practices

Live classes with expert teachers in a variety of embodied meditation and  movement practices​​









Alexander Technique​


Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement


Our Teachers

Practice sessions

We offer practice sessions that are 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 60 minutes.


All practices happen live online, and are recorded and uploaded to our video library where they are available for replay for 30 days after the original class. So there is always a full month's worth of practices available at any given time. 



20 scholarship (free) spots are available.
If you are a part of a historically marginalized community, are a single parent, or are under or unemployed please email team [at] liberatedbeing [dot] community with the subject line “scholarship”.

Your month-to-month all access pass

The ability to take any classes on the schedule or in the video library, and connection via the private social media group.

*Monthly recurring membership billed each month with the ability to cancel anytime.




Not ready to commit to monthly unlimited?

Gift yourself a day pass for $19 and make it a retreat day. You will have access to any of the live classes happening that day, and access to the library of any classes that happened in the last week. 





Sign up for the annual plan and get 2 months free.

The ability to take any classes on the schedule or in the video library, and connection via the private social media group. 

*Annual recurring membership billed each year with the ability to cancel anytime. 

Here's everything you get with your monthly unlimited membership:


Sunday through Friday 15, 30 and 60 minute classes are offered in a variety of embodied meditation and movement practices.



Connect daily to like-minded peers who get what it means to be on this path via our private social media community 



Access to the past 30-days worth of class recordings in the private recording library.

Our values and guiding principles:



There is no “one true path” of embodied practice. While the practices that we offer in the studio are by no means exhaustive (that would be very hard to do!), we intentionally include a number of contemplative meditation and movement practices and teachings. This way everyone can find what works for them, which is, after all, the kind of wisdom we are learning how to tune into with embodied practices in the first place! So rather than needing to sign up for any kind of rigid blueprint (or worse, belief system), instead we offer many ways “in” to ourselves.



Embodiment is for everyone who has a body; All are welcome. The Liberated Being team is personally and professionally committed to addressing racism, ableism, ageism, and all forms of gender & sex discrimination. Scholarships are also available for people who are a part of any historically marginalized community. To inquire about a scholarship spot, you can email team [at]



Somewhat bizarrely, many personal transformation and/or wellness spaces have a subtle anti-human thing going on. This happens by way of teaching that practices can be used to achieve a permanently equanimous (or blissful) state. Sorry folks but there is no permanent state of any kind! And if we try to hang onto that, we wind up gaslighting ourselves by pretending we aren’t feeling what we’re actually feeling. Even the most enlightened among us still feel grief, love, anger… all of the things. We’re here to be human, and as long as we’re in a human body we’re going to have a human life with all its ups, downs, and in-betweens. Embodied practice is a way of more directly, intimately, and meaningfully being here for all of it, rather than trying to escape it. This practice studio does not have a finish line in mind where we are finally “perfect”. 



Making embodied practice a regular part of your life will allow for significant positive shifts. It’s kind of wild, but it just plain does. Whether that shift is resolving chronic pain or changing how you relate to your significant people, big time things do happen with these simple practices cultivated over time. However, we don’t think of ourselves as the only thing people need depending on what they are up against and resolving. (See non-dogmatic and pro-human above…). Instead, we see this studio as deep practice that offers a benevolent wind at your back, but it’s not meant to be taken like a pill that will fix anything and everything. We honor the interconnectedness of various support systems including therapy, bodywork, healthcare, rest, and relationships. 

What happens when you join?

When you join Liberated Being through our monthly or annual unlimited options, you get access to every class on the schedule. 


Can’t make a class you want because of your schedule or time zone?

No worries! You also have access to the video library which hosts all classes from the previous 7 days. Within an hour of a class finishing up, it will pop up in the library for you to take on your own schedule. 


Just like your local fitness or yoga studio, you are not at all expected to participate in all classes. This wouldn’t even be recommended because whoa, that’s a lotta practices. 


Instead, you can use your ability to try different things as a way of finding the teachers and practices that work best for you. And, of course, you can mix it up over time as you wish. 

After you sign up you will receive a confirmation email that gives you access to the member area. This is where you can see the schedule of live practices with links to join and the video library of the last 7 days worth of practices. So you can come to a live practice right away if you want! Just click on the practice calendar and follow the link instructions. 

Once you’ve joined, in the member area you will also see a quick link to our social media hub (which is *not* the dreaded Facebook- it’s our own private space). We have members from all over the world in there, where we can share resources, experiences, and questions about what it means to engage in becoming more embodied. It’s not required to participate here, some of us are pretty “social media, ick!” which is all good. But for those of you who want some chatting with other members when you’re not in class, it’s a great spot for connecting. 

Have more questions?

Frequently asked questions

Is Liberated Being open to new members?

Yep! Options to join are just below this FAQ section.

How much does membership cost?

Membership to Liberated Being is $67/month, $670 annually gives you 2 months free, or $19 buys you a retreat day with a day pass.

Can I cancel?

Yes you can cancel anytime. Search your inbox for your contract renewal emails from Liberated Being to cancel the recurring membership. No need even to send an email, though if you have tech troubles cancelling, you certainly can email for help.

Where does the social media/private online community happen?

The social piece of Liberated Being is built on Mighty Networks, it is *not* a Facebook group. I'm so grateful Mighty Networks came along and built a framework that people can use to run their own communities without big tech eating everyone's data or the spammy or chaotic vibe. It is an easy to use online network that you can log into either on your computer or via an app on your phone. Within the digital studio, there is a quick link over to our private social media area.

What if I'm not a tech person?

You don't need to be into tech to use the group. If you have a computer or a smart phone and are able to log into the member area and have some know how around attending Zoom meetings, you'll be good to go. The social media network access is also quite straightforward to set up and is user friendly, though by its nature it does requires some screen-time if you wish to particpate. That's optional- some people really want to be a part of the social network piece, and others skip it and use their membership simply for attending live or recorded classes.

How do I sign up to attend a live practice session?

Once you've signed up as a member of the studio (whether for a day, month, or year) you will have access to the member's area of the digital studio. Once logged in, you will see a calendar with the practice sessions. Click on the practice you want to go to, and the details are there.

Where do I find my link for class?

All links to classes are within the calendar inside of the member area of the studio.

Where do I find the recordings of classes?

When you're logged into the member's area of the studio, you will see the video library by scrolling beneath the live practice calendar.

What if I can't make a live class?

No problem, all classes are recorded and will be available within the video library for members. They live there for 7 days and then are gone, but fret not, new classes happen every day except Saturday. So there is always one full week of practices in the library.

If I cancel my membership, can I re-join?

Of course! We understand that life has different rhythms and demands at different times, and that people are likely to pop in and out based on that. So if you want to return to supported embodied practice classes, we're always here for you. *One note- if the price has changed since you last joined, we are unable to offer the original price you paid and it will be at the current monthly subscription rate.

Do I need any special tech to connect to classes?

All you need in terms of devices is your computer, tablet, or phone.

I'm a member and can't find my email to log in- where can I go to log in?

You can click the "member log in" button at the top of this page, or simply visit and enter the email you signed up with and your password.

How does the day pass work?

If you buy a day pass that means you have access to the live and recorded practices for 24 hours *from the time you purchase the day pass*. So if there is a specific class or classes that you want to be sure to make it to live, be sure to purchase the day pass within the 24 hour period that those classes take place.