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NOVEMBER 17, 2020

Amoda Maa is a spiritual teacher, sharing a fresh approach to the age-old search for spiritual freedom. Her essential teaching features a timeless truth that is highly relevant to this moment—for contemporary seekers willing to go to the raw edge where spirituality meets humanity.

After years of spiritual seeking, meditation, and immersion in psychospiritual practices, an experience of the dark night of the soul led Amoda to a profound inner awakening. Then, after a long period of integration, she began speaking from silence in small gatherings.

Amoda Maa is the author of Radical Awakening (formerly How to Find God in Everything) and Change Your Life, Change Your World, both of which arose out of a mystical vision around the time of her awakening. In this vision, she was shown the key to humanity’s suffering and the potential for the birth of a new consciousness and world. She also is the author of Embodied Enlightenment, based on her vision for humanity and conversations on the cutting edge of spiritual inquiry in her meetings with people from all around the world. Her new book Falling Open in a World Falling Apart is released this October. 

Amoda Maa lives with her beloved Kavi in New Mexico, USA, and inspires a growing following worldwide.

Here are some of the different ways members use Liberated Being:

Showing Up

Live embodied meditation classes 6-days per week help you to be accountable to your practice, and to keep it from feeling lonely or boring.

Discovering Teachers

Discover amazing teachers and learn from multiple disciplines, or check out the growing replay archive, at your leisure.

Connecting Daily

365/24/7 you have access to a global community that gets what the embodied path is.

Accessing Support & Practices

Unlike apps that feed you practices in a vacuum, Liberated Being is a place where you can get support in between practices

Private Podcast

Our library of practice sessions and guest teacher gatherings grows every day. Fortunately these recordings automatically show up in a private podcast feed for members only, making it easy to access the archives any time. 

Connect from wherever you are

No matter where you are, you have the ability to gather together for practice sessions and with profound teachers that you would normally have to travel for. 

There is no wrong way to use your benefits of membership: You might love all of these things and utilize every last one, or you might sign up primarily for one or two of the perks and leave the rest. It’s all good, use what works for you.

Liberated Being Membership Includes:



Connect daily to like-minded peers who get what it means to be on this path and on a healing journey. 



A consistent ongoing support for the kinds of things that can come up with embodiment work.
Monday to Friday in bite-sized 10-minute sessions, and Sundays for a deeper 30-minute exploration. 




A growing library of somatic and embodied practices delivered to you in a private podcast feed and available ongoing. 



Regular live gatherings with generous and insightful wayshowers who help us to shift more sanely and kindly into a new way of being.



Watch or listen at your own pace. If you can't make the live events, you can watch all past events in the replay archive.

Join us to get support on your path.

We re-open early 2021. 

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  • Every week we will send out a little embodiment home-play prompt for you to try out.

Frequently asked questions

Is Liberated Being open to new members?

Liberated Being is currently closed to new members. If you missed the deadline, be sure to sign up on the mailing list to be notified when we do re-open in early 2021. We are expanding our embodied practice schedule at that time.

How much does membership cost?

Membership to Liberated Being is $19.99/month

Can I cancel?

Yes you can cancel anytime.

Where does this private online community happen?

Liberated Being is built on Mighty Networks, it is *not* a Facebook group. I'm so grateful Mighty Networks came along and built a framework that people can use to run their own communities without big tech eating everyone's data or the spammy or chaotic vibe. It is an easy to use online network that you can log into either on your computer or via an app on your phone. It combines a few wonderful things- the ability for people to communicate and connect with one another in a forum-type feed that isn't at all clunky and actually works, and the ability for people to have their live and recorded teachings at their fingertips any time they want to join in or re-listen. So there is no need to bounce around to a bunch of different links, it all happens in one place.

What if I'm not a tech person?

You don't need to be into tech to use the group. If you have a computer or a smart phone the ability to access the group is easy, and if you need help figuring it all out, there is a welcome packet that walks you through it, and I am always available to troubleshoot things.

Where do the practice sessions and guest teacher gatherings happen?

Those will also happen online, right within the group, on the Mighty Network platform. It's like bringing the retreat to your living room. Technically, I will use Crowdcast or Zoom to run the online gatherings, but you don't need to keep track of any of that. Once you're set up in the community you will be able to access all the current, past, and upcoming events by clicking a simple link.

What happens in a practice session?

The Monday through Friday co-regulation gatherings are brief, about 10 minutes long. I guide those sessions so that we can drop into presence together and have that connected practice as a life life for our nervous systems during a pretty groundless time globally. The Sunday practice sessions are about 30 minutes of meditation, embodiment, and/or inquiry work that give us more creative tools to work with for accessing different embodied states.

When do the live gatherings with guest teachers happen?

We frequently have guest teachers on Monday evenings in EDT. Right now we're having about 2 guest teachers per month, some of which will happen on different days of the week. If you can't make to the live (online) gathering, all guest teacher events will be recorded and available forever within the community. So you can re-listen as many times as you like.

What if I can't make a live gathering - either a practice session or with a guest teacher?

No problem, all events are recorded and will be available within the Liberated Being community ongoing.