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I think what we all want from any healing journey is to feel more whole, intact, open, and able to meet our lives in all their glory and also their inevitable challenge. 


We want to be able to engage with ourselves and our lives from this place that feels like it has agency, capacity, clarity, a substantialness, and of course enjoyment. 


Yet it’s not uncommon that when people are on a healing journey,  instead of embodying these qualities they can feel instead more neurotic, more fragile, and more confused. 


The absolutely critical foundation needed for a healing path to have the effect we want (instead of it making us feel stagnated or to feel worse) is the ability to embody- to deeply and experientially know- safety. 

“Safety first” is the mantra of genuine and thorough transformation. 

So how do we come to know safety in our bones?


Embodying safety- experientially feeling our own capacity- is very different than understanding that safety is important. 


In a mental culture where we are all taught how to think our way to healing. We assume that if we can just collect the right data bits, or just do a bunch of what we are told is good for us (like meditation), then we will feel better. But learning about things does not in and of itself change anything. 


We need to be able to feel- to know, to live- what we have learned. And we need to know what practices we can do to incrementally experience the kind of shift we are trying to make.

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Embodying Safety + Capacity 11.jpg

If you’re here:


It is because you know deep down that you are less fragile and more powerful, substantial, and capable than you have been taught to be.  


It is because you care about giving birth to a more conscious world. 


It is because you are ready to embody something new.   

We will meet for 4 weeks starting Tuesday August 4th and ending Thursday August 27th. 


Every Tuesday we meet for a live class at noon EDT for an hour.


Every Thursday I hold live office hours at noon EDT where you can ask questions for an hour. This is a way to get a ton of support. 


If you can’t make a live class or office hours gathering, those are recorded and are available afterwards for all class members. 

Every week has embodied practice sessions: You are given small, bite-sized embodiment practices that you can play with every day, as well as some longer embodied practices for re-calibrating your system to something new. 


Live class sessions happen via Zoom, and recordings will be available to you ongoing in the course portal. 


Registration is open now til August 4th


Safety & Capacity


$149 before July 27th



$189 after July 27th

5 scholarship (free) spots are available.

If you want to be a part of this course but are financially unable to pay, please email Brooke at b [at] brookethomas [dot] me


This course is about:


  • Emerging out of empathic overwhelm.

  • Healing unworthiness and toxic shame. 

  • Teaching your system to be able to recognize and create embodied safety.

  • Growing resilience and capacity for whatever shows up in your life.

  • Relating to others and to the world from your most grounded and capable self. 


This course is not for:


  • Replacing your one-on-one therapeutic work with a therapist or coach (I am not a therapist, I’m an embodied coach and Realization Process teacher)

  • Studying a ton of data and neuroscience (it is for experientially making a shift)

  • Attempting to find ways to be permanently “calmed down” (Sometimes being fired up is the exact right response)

  • Addressing acute traumatization. (This work requires a lot of intimacy and is not suitable for group work)


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Why I’m teaching this course

I’m not the type to be reductionist. If anything, I’m always inviting complexities into the mix in my approach to life, relating, and healing. 


And yet, in both my personal healing work and as a practitioner I couldn’t help but keep seeing that genuine change and genuine healing really came down to one foundational ingredient over and over again: safety. 


Not the kind of safety that means you can permanently wrap yourself in a cocoon of feeling a constant Stepford neutrality, but rather the kind of safety that teaches you, deep in your bones, how vast your capacity is. 


As a client of mine said in an a-ha moment once, “Oh my God! If I can be ok with feeling uncomfortable, I can do anything!”


I’ve been a manual therapist, as a Rolfer, for 20 years and an embodied coach and Realization Process teacher for the last 4 years. Regardless of the healing work- whether my clients were healing chronic pain or healing a pervasive feeling of unworthiness, or anything else- the necessary ingredient that was the clear game changer over and over again was the ability to embody safety. 


Seeing that there is this one critical feature needed for any true shift of transformation to take place, I wanted to bring that to people in an accessible and experiential way, and to do that in a group container. In this way we can focus on being safety rather than understanding all of its mechanics. 

Embodying Safety + Capacity 11.jpg

We can feel sturdy and capable instead of blown around by stressors and other people’s emotions. 


We can feel warm and open instead of contracted and defended. 


We can feel more “here” instead of either zoned out or hopping far into the future in the hopes of figuring out what we need to do, or frequently hopping into the past in order to figure out what went wrong. 


We can engage with the world from a place of deep presence- where we feel safe enough to be open and engaged and yet also safe enough to be clear about our boundaries and when they are being transgressed. 

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