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Hi I'm Brooke! I am the co-creator of the Bliss+Grit podcast and the creator of the Liberated Body podcast. I've been in practice for 20 years offering Rolfing, Realization Process, and embodied coaching. My life's work sits at the intersection of where the body meets the experience we each have of our lives- of our being-ness. My personal work has been in walking this path- all the bliss and the grit of it (as the show's title says...). 

I've been fortunate to talk to all the exceptional guests I've had on my shows and to learn from such high level teachers. I've also been honored to connect with so many people through my work and to hear how impactful it has been to them simply through listening. I made this member site in the hopes of serving them more deeply on their paths based on what I kept hearing were the missing pieces from people.

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