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Let’s make the world a more embodied place

We re-open in early 2021.

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Liberated Being is an embodied practice community. 


We want to live extraordinary lives and give birth to a more highly conscious and loving world.


Liberated Being was created to connect community members with consistent embodied practice sessions and gatherings with skillful guest teachers; All of which create an opportunity to make this journey more sane, kind, and clear.


Our driving exploration in this community is that we believe that genuinely (not performatively) shifting our lived and experiential way of Being, embodiment, is what truly has the potential to heal our individual and collective shadow and to help us unfold out of the unconscious habits that have not served our own or the greater good. There is no insta-embodiment. We are healing out of a very mental and disembodied culture, so it takes sustained support and practice. It’s a shift that occurs over time with solid resources.


Check out what we're up to inside

  • Two balancing meditations

  • A recording of one of our recent beloved guest teacher gatherings

  • Every week we will send out a little embodiment home-play prompt for you to try out.

Here's a little peek inside:

Take a peek inside...
Take a peek inside..
Weekly Practice Sessions

Upcoming Guest Teachers

SEPTEMBER, 24 2020


Nkem Ndefo is the founder and president of Lumos Transforms and creator of The Resilience Toolkit, a model that promotes embodied self-awareness and self-regulation in an ecologically sensitive framework and social justice context.


Licensed as a nurse midwife, Nkem also has extensive post-graduate training in complementary health modalities and emotional therapies. She brings an abundance of experience as a clinician, educator, consultant, and community strategist to innovative programs that address stress and trauma and build resilience for individuals, organizations, and communities across sectors, both in her home country (USA) and internationally. Nkem is particularly interested in working alongside people most impacted by violence and marginalization.

Suddenly online community has become our primary gathering space; And to have an online community centered around healing, co-regulating our nervous systems, and giving birth to a new world via shifting our personal and interpersonal way of being is suddenly incredibly necessary and also urgent.

Watch the replay of a recent info gathering to see what Liberated Being is all about and to take a virtual tour:


Here are some of the different ways members use Liberated Being:

Showing Up

Live embodied meditation classes 6-days per week help you to be accountable to your practice, and to keep it from feeling lonely or boring.

Connecting Daily

365/24/7 you have access to a global community that gets what the embodied path is.

Discovering Teachers

Discover amazing teachers and learn from multiple disciplines, or check out the growing replay archive, at your leisure.

Accessing Support & Practices

Unlike apps that feed you practices in a vacuum, Liberated Being is a place where you can get support in between practices

Connect from wherever you are

No matter where you are, you have the ability to gather together for practice sessions and with profound teachers that you would normally have to travel for. 

Private Podcast

Our library of practice sessions and guest teacher gatherings grows every day. Fortunately these recordings automatically show up in a private podcast feed for members only, making it easy to access the archives any time. 

There is no wrong way to use your benefits of membership: You might love all of these things and utilize every last one, or you might sign up primarily for one or two of the perks and leave the rest. It’s all good, use what works for you.

We value

  • Cultivating experiential shifts over ideas or dogma

  • Permission to be deeply human 

  • Integrating psychological maturity with the spiritual path

  • Leading with the heart

  • Respect and support for the state of the nervous system 

  • Learning from multiple teachers and disciplines 


not into

  • Spiritual bypassing or spiritual ego-making

  • Chasing transcendence

  • Dogma 

  • Putting teachers (or anyone) on pedestals

  • Shame 

  • Waking up at the expense of a heart-centered way of being

Liberated Being Membership Includes:



Connect daily to like-minded peers who get what it means to be on this path and on a healing journey. 



A consistent ongoing support for the kinds of things that can come up with embodiment work.
Monday to Friday in bite-sized 10-minute sessions, and Sundays for a deeper 30-minute exploration. 




A growing library of somatic and embodied practices delivered to you in a private podcast feed and available ongoing. 



Regular live gatherings with generous and insightful wayshowers who help us to shift more sanely and kindly into a new way of being.



Watch or listen at your own pace. If you can't make the live events, you can watch all past events in the replay archive.

Join us to get support on your path.

We re-open early 2021. 

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About the host

Hi I'm Brooke! I am the co-creator of the Bliss+Grit podcast and the creator of the Liberated Body podcast. I've been in practice for 20 years offering Rolfing, Realization Process, and embodied coaching. My life's work sits at the intersection of where the body meets the experience we each have of our lives- of our being-ness. My personal work has been in walking this path- all the bliss and the grit of it (as the show's title says...). 

I've been fortunate to talk to all the exceptional guests I've had on my shows and to learn from such high level teachers. I've also been honored to connect with so many people through my work and to hear how impactful it has been to them simply through listening. I made this member site in the hopes of serving them more deeply on their paths based on what I kept hearing were the missing pieces from people.

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