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Take a peek inside...
Take a peek inside..
Weekly Practice Sessions

JULY 14, 2020


Judith Blackstone developed the Realization Process, a direct path for realizing fundamental (nondual) consciousness, as well as the application of nondual realization for psychological, relational and physical healing.  She currently has six books in publication. Her newest book is Trauma and the Unbound Body: the Healing Power of Fundamental Consciousness.

Judith studied with many teachers in the Hindu, Zen Buddhist and Tibetan Buddhist traditions. She also has a Masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology and a Ph.D. in Psychology, Eastern Religion and Embodiment. She has thirty-five years of clinical experience as a psychotherapist. The Realization Process practices for embodied nondual awakening emerged outside of any traditional lineage. The practices arose in response to her own needs for healing and realization, and the needs of the people in her classes and private practice. 

Showing Up

Live embodied meditation classes 6-days per week help you to be accountable to your practice, and to keep it from feeling lonely or boring.

Connecting Daily

365/24/7 you have access to a global community that gets what the embodied path is.

Discovering Teachers

Discover amazing teachers and learn from multiple disciplines, or check out the growing replay archive, at your leisure.

Accessing Support & Practices

Unlike apps that feed you practices in a vacuum, Liberated Being is a place where you can get support in between practices

Connect from wherever you are:

No matter where you are, you have the ability to gather together for practice sessions and with profound teachers that you would normally have to travel for. 

Private Podcast

Our library of practice sessions and guest teacher gatherings grows every day. Fortunately these recordings automatically show up in a private podcast feed for members only, making it easy to access the archives any time. 

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A consistent ongoing support for the kinds of things that can come up with embodiment work.



A growing library of somatic and embodied practices delivered to you in a private podcast feed and available ongoing. 



Watch or listen at your own pace. If you can't make the live events, you can watch all past events in the replay archive.

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