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A podcast that explores what it means to be fully human by erasing this weird idea we have of a mind-body divide, and embracing the process of becoming more embodied.  

This show began in 2014 as the Liberated Body podcast. Spanning 3 years and 70 episodes, host Brooke Thomas inquired into the question, “What’s a body?” with a wide variety of professionals who work with the body in diverse ways. Interviews with anatomists, surgeons, manual therapists, researchers, psychologists, spiritual teachers, neuroscientists, biomechanists, embryologists, movement educators, fitness innovators, and yoga teachers brought thought and wonder-provoking episodes to the fore. 


This kind of deep and sustained inquiry into the body blew the door off the proverbial hinges of the mind-body divide for Brooke. Over time, it changed the way she saw not just the body but the way she viewed everything. 


To honor that shift, the name of the show was changed to Liberated Being. Episodes include short, potent outtakes from longer guest teacher events which took place within the private Liberated Being member community, as well as original long-form interviews and conversations. 

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What is Embodiment? 
What is Embodiment?
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Episodes that explore the potential of inhabiting our full humanity through the lens of the body and embodiment.


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